Marathon Cheese Transport

From packaging to distribution, Marathon Cheese Transport, LLC, is integral in meeting our customer needs.  Since 1975, our fleet has made sure materials get where they need to go and when they need to get there.

Innovation at Marathon Cheese doesn't stop at packaging.  Our fleet combines state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions for an efficient process, without compromising safety.

With more than 50 employees in two different geographic locations, our reliable Transportation team is here to help.

Our Locations

We have two fleet locations..

  • Marathon City, Wisconsin 
  • Mountain Home, Idaho

Join our Transportation team, where your dedication and passion will be appreciated.  You will matter at Marathon Cheese Transport.

David Strasser

“I started work at Marathon Cheese Transport (MCT) in 2013 with over 20 years of experience and never regretted it. All new equipment that is well maintained by good mechanics. Have a good mixture of long and local runs scheduled by a good group of dispatchers that keep things running smooth. MCT feels like family.”

David Strasser — Marathon Cheese Transport