Our Stories...

Chris Brooks

“I was hired at an entry-level position but was very interested in advancement opportunities. Marathon Cheese gave me many opportunities and I have no desire to work anywhere else. I plan on finishing my career at Marathon Cheese.”

Chris Brooks — Booneville, MS

“I was hired on second shift and later promoted to a warehouse position. I decided to quit and try something else. I worked there about five weeks and decided to return to Marathon Cheese for an additional 20 years before retiring... I always enjoyed the work and made a lot of friends.”

Frank Sladich — Marathon City, WI (Retired 2017)

Stella Gaston

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work at Marathon Cheese and appreciate the job security, management and working conditions.”

Stella Gaston — Booneville, MS

Kenneth and Kathy Ahrens

“We love working at Marathon Cheese. We enjoy the temperature controlled environment and feel safe and secure when working. We have never been laid off and appreciate the job security. We feel management respects our dedication and our work.”

Kenneth and Kathy Ahrens — Marathon City, WI

Ricki Hall

“I was hired as a temporary employee and had the opportunity to become full-time. It was the best thing I ever did. I love working at Marathon Cheese.”

Ricki Hall — Booneville, MS

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work in various positions during my 18 years at Marathon Cheese. I started working in production and am now a Lead Quality Assurance Technician on first shift. I love the people I work with and can honestly say our quality team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for our product, ensuring everything that leaves our facility is something all our employees can take pride in. It’s a great feeling to know your hard work is not only recognized and appreciated by your employer, but is safe and reliable for the public.”

Cheryl Rainville — Marathon City, WI

Lisa Yang

“I was hired at Marathon Cheese Corporation on second shift. I was promoted to a premium position and given the chance to transfer to first shift. I enjoy working with everyone.”

Lisa Yang — Marathon City, WI

Jessica Mesillas

“Before working at Marathon Cheese, I worked in Boise for 13 years and was excited for the opportunity to work close to home. It allows me more time with my family and has allowed me to meet and make great friends. I’ve seen the company expand over the past 10 years. I don’t regret taking the leap and accepting all that Marathon Cheese has to offer including the fact that I no longer have to drive to Boise.”

Jessica Mesillas — Mountain Home, ID

Nicole Ruesch

“I was attracted to Marathon Cheese because of the wages they pay. It is my first experience working in a plant environment. I have met a lot of great people and the training has been good. The supervisors have been great as they help to solve problems. My experience here has been positive.”

Nicole Ruesch — Mountain Home, ID

Cristina Eulalio

“I have been working at Marathon Cheese from the time the plant started up. I heard they pay good wages and thought it would be a fun work environment. My expectations have been met including the variety of work they provide. The company also recognizes us through monthly employee events. We have great supervisors; they trust us to do our jobs.”

Cristina Eulalio — Mountain Home, ID

Jessica Miller

“When I was looking for work, a friend recommended Marathon Cheese as a good place to work. Four of the past five years of employment has been as a Group Leader, and I enjoy my job. There was so much support from my co-workers during a difficult family time. I appreciate that the company recognizes us through monthly employee events and a Thanksgiving bonus.”

Jessica Miller — Mountain Home, ID

Isaiah Reed

“I’ve enjoyed the chance to grow and have learned a lot since I started. It’s like family here. There’s a lot of communication between Line Workers and Group Leaders and I appreciate the focus on safety.”

Isaiah Reed — Mountain Home, ID

Jennifer Snoey

“I came back to Marathon Cheese after going to school. I have a first shift position, love coming to work and the people I work with are “Awesome!” The supervisors are very friendly and helpful.”

Jennifer Snoey — Mountain Home, ID

Trent Jacobs

“I started working at Marathon Cheese at a very young age and never thought about leaving. The wages are great and the people are good to work with. I appreciate the family atmosphere and safe working environment.”

Trent Jacobs — Booneville, MS

Lori Boggs

“This is the first factory job I ever had and I love it. Hard work and dedication is noticed by management and there are many advancement opportunities. The working conditions are great and the hours are consistent.”

Lori Boggs — Booneville, MS

Kevin Dunn

“People in the networking field seem to change jobs every six years. I have been with Marathon Cheese for over ten years implementing technology solutions. It’s a great place to work and I enjoy the challenges.”

Kevin Dunn — Marathon City, WI